Christine Jones Participates in Rural Bike Ride

The Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) hosted the 10th Annual Environment Ride in celebration of its 50th anniversary this past October. Blue Highway Growth Capital Managing Partner, Christine Jones, took part in the event. She spent a weekend biking across the autumnal landscape in a round trip stretching over 190 miles from Philadelphia to Lancaster and back via Wilmington. It was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of rural Pennsylvania’s charming back roads and fall foliage.   
Pennsylvania’s industrial heritage has come at a cost to the environment. Many of its natural landscapes and ecosystems are at risk. Fortunately, the PEC has provided critical leadership in reducing Pennsylvania’s carbon footprint. They specialize in bringing a diverse set of stakeholders to the table and creating solutions that protect and restore Pennsylvania’s natural assets. Blue Highway Growth Capital is supportive of the PEC and its mission to build a more sustainable future for all Pennsylvanians. Additional information about the PEC can be found on their website

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