Blue Highway Holds Annual Meeting with Keynote Speaker Mark Zandi

The Blue Highway Growth Capital team was joined by its limited partners, key advisors, and other stakeholders for its inaugural Annual Meeting on Thursday, August 13th.  Consistent with the overall economy, the meeting was held virtually and included a portfolio company presentation, a USDA update and a global economic outlook.

Dr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics and Lead Director of the Reinvestment Fund, was the keynote speaker.  His remarks focused on “The Pandemic Economy,” and included insights on the epidemiology of Covid-19, monetary and fiscal policy responses, credit conditions and longer-term implications to the U.S. fiscal health, globalization and work-life changes.

David Chesnick, Director of the Rural Business Investment Program for the USDA, discussed current events at the agency in Washington, D.C.  Neil Cannon, CEO of LEDdynamics, presented on the Company’s Perfekt Light innovation.  The Blue Highway team reviewed its strategy and the effects of the pandemic.  The partners remain confident in the attractiveness of the Blue Highway model.

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